Bliss, then Came the Blues: L.A. Times article on The Boyfriend Log


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“You’re so much fun. So handsome,” I said to Bernie over dinner. We’d met on a blind date the week before and struck sparks. “How is it that you’re still single? What’s your deal?”

Bernie froze, looked down at his plate, then zeroed in on me with his hazel eyes.

“I disappear.”

“What do you mean, you disappear?”…

For the rest of my article, just published in the L.A. Times, about how The Boyfriend Log SAVED my dating life (and can do the same for you or someone you care about, via a simple but POWERFUL iphone app), read on. Because love can get confusing, and clarity is queen.

What Color is your relationship? What color do you want it to be? I’d love to hear here:) xo


Dec 27, 2014   /   8 Comments

8 responses to “Bliss, then Came the Blues: L.A. Times article on The Boyfriend Log”

  1. Aditi says:

    OMG, if only the Boyfriend Log existed when I was in my last relationship. What a great idea! Am going to use it to track my work patterns too. Being a methodology/data-driven gal, I especially love the idea of using daily data points to measure the larger arc of a relationship. Brilliant! Thanks, Linda! xoxoxo

  2. Karen says:

    SERIOUSLY — need this for Android. OBVIOUSLY, I could do this with colored markers and my regular calendar, but really?? I have one that was consistent for 14 months & then VANISHED — looking back, there might have been some little blue dots. Too easy to rationalize when not recorded somewhere.

  3. Jennah says:

    Linda, SO loved your article for its honesty and heart. I use The Boyfriend App for my relationship with myself and a separate journal for my Book-in-Progress. Juicier process to honor feelings and flow of creativity, and to see when I see lots of green & orange with normal punctuations of red… start turning into that muddled purple color between blue + red on the app — ruh-oh! :)

  4. Ninah says:

    I was dating a very nice man. I thought that attraction would happen over time. But every day I kept marking “OK” in my boyfriend log. Nothing else. Then I realized that I was Mercy Dating (dating someone so they’d feel better). Both seeing just OK for every date, and putting off kissing him, I realized that I really wasn’t interested in him. Said goodbye. It was best for both of us. Now I know that if there’s no attraction to begin with, it won’t happen.
    Thanks Boyfriend Log!

  5. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Yea, Ninah… Mercy Dating isn’t good for anyone. Good for you for calling it quits. I’m so glad the app helped make it so obvious for you. It’s so easy to get lazy in love and remain asleep. xo

  6. Linda Sivertsen says:

    I love that you’re using it for yourself AND your writing. That’ll just make you a better partner anyway… taking care of yourself like that. Thanks, Jennah! xo

  7. Linda Sivertsen says:

    I know. I hear you, Karen. It’s super expensive, but in the coming plans. Stay tuned! xo

  8. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Love our methodology/data-driven gals. You’re so welcome, Aditi! xx

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