Launch Day: iTunes podcast w/ Liz Gilbert & Martha Beck

Early on, I listened to a podcast that I LOVED! Two authors talking about the creative process with an easy back-and-forth from years of friendship. I was in heaven! But before I could sit down with my cup of tea and settle in for a good listen, it was over. I swear it couldn’t have been longer than 15 minutes.

Huh? Where’d you guys go?

Don’t leave me yet, I was just getting juiced! Come baaaaaaaaack!

Yeah, I know. Get a life, Sivertsen.

But seriously. I wanted so much more. More candid talk about the writing life. More motivation to step into (and over) my fears. More stories of hard-won successes and priceless failures. More insider details and virtual connection…  real writers honing their craft and living the dream in the real world.

For the past few months, Danielle LaPorte and I have been asking ourselves if we should take our celebrity writer interviews (from The Beautiful Writers Group) out from behind the closed doors of our membership group, and into the wide world of iTunes. Then I remembered that long-ago podcast that ended so abruptly, and knew we had to do it. I called Danielle and that was that. We’re doing an iTunes PODCAST!

Beautiful Writers Podcast

This feels like a natural and FUN next step, for us and for The Beautiful Writers Group. Danielle and I love having (and sharing) these bestselling author conversations more than you know.

And, good news! If you’re already a BWG member or want to become one, we’re cutting the monthly membership fee in half. That means, instead of $50 per month for our ongoing expert how-to interviews (these differ from the “celeb author” ones on the podcast), Q&A calls with Danielle and me, participation in our private/active writers group on G+, and access to our writing resources, you only pay $25:)

Here’s why we made the decision to cut the price of membership: For a writer, listening to a successful author talk about her experience is like getting a shot of artistic adrenaline. We want that for everyone, not just the people who can afford it.

Head over to iTunes and check out the line-up. We’ve got Liz Gilbert, our generation’s “Mark Twain,” talking about the inherent magic of language, embracing the sacred “No,” what it takes to have the things you say you want, and to sex or not to sex on book tour. Ha. Liz has an extraordinary way with words (but you knew that) and a rich perspective on what it means to share your magic with the world. Her eighth bestseller, BIG MAGIC is nothing short of brilliant and we’re elated to have her with us.


We’ve also got Martha Beck! This interview is so full of magic it’s not even funny. Except that it is! Martha’s passion for writing (and life!) is infectious, and you’ll quickly see why she’s so prolific (recently completing her 10th book, in the midst of a very full artist life that includes world-class painting). Listen as Martha shares some of her best “shortcuts” to attaining more magic in your life, including details of her “integrity cleanse,” the best advice she’s ever been given (summed up in two words), the ultimate marketing strategy for any creator, and what the “rocket ride of rapture” means for your productivity. Buckle in. Her ideas are lightning fast.

For more inspiring interviews, follow the Beautiful Writers Podcast here on Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes. And for access to our thriving community of writers, coaching calls and more, visit

Other interviews include: Dani Shapiro (about the day Oprah called three years after her book was published and Dani nearly blew her off!), Sarah Manguso (about how on the first day of her poetry MFA, she got a humbling piece of writing advice that’s guided her work ever since), my dear friend, agent Laura Yorke (on what she looks for in a query letter), Jillian Lauren (about her defining moment as a writer long before she wrote her bestselling memoir Some Girls), and Gretchen Rubin (about knowing and working with your own creative wiring).

These exchanges have been key to helping me complete my own personal Goliath project this month. (Now it’s all about putting the mascara on the eyelashes, my favorite part.)

For our official (yay!) and FREE Beautiful Writers Podcast on the iTunes store, go here.

Of course, Danielle and I would be so grateful if you’d take the time to leave a review if you like what you hear. To help us build momentum and traction and all that good stuff.

Big love!



P.S. Friends don’t let friends write alone. If you could use some creative juice, come hang out with us in the BWG for the cost of a few lattes a month.

P.S.S. Got a favorite author you’d like us to interview? Let us know in the comments below and we just might be able to make it happen:)

P.S.S: quickie update: Made #6 podcast on iTunes (arts). Thanks to everyone who’s listened and cheered us on! Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.14.41 PM

Oct 20, 2015   /   18 Comments

18 responses to “Launch Day: iTunes podcast w/ Liz Gilbert & Martha Beck”

  1. Deb Owen says:

    Mary Karr. Mary Karr. Mary Karr. She speaks in poetry. Every interview she gives is so instructive, and a joy to listen to. Her new book, the Art of Memoir, is delectable. There needs to be more Mary Karr in the world. ;-)

    Thank you for this, Linda!

  2. I’d love for you to interview Rochelle Schieck ( for the podcast. Her new book Qoya is being released in December (self-published). I’ve read a pre-release copy and it’s an important book – plus she has a great story about raising nearly $50,000 to fund the publishing on Kickstarter.

  3. Yay! I am SO thrilled for these interviews. Thank you! How about Steven Pressfield? To think how many people to whom I’ve recommended “The War of Art.” Julia Cameron, Sark…OK, I won’t get greedy. Really, I’m happy with whomever you choose! XO!!!

    Hope Carmel next week is gorgeous and magic! And here’s to “putting mascara on the eyelashes.” Love it!

  4. This is sooo great. I’m part of the Beautiful Writers Club and since I’ve joined I feel like my writing project has taken a few shots of adrenaline. I’ve picked up so much momentum from just being part of this group and dedicating the appropriate time and energy to my soon to be published book!

    I’m so happy that these interviews will be available to all now and will definitely be sharing them with my peeps and listening to them myself in my car.

    I would looove to hear an interview with Rob Bell!

  5. This is so, so brilliant, thank you! I cannot WAIT to get stuck into these XXX

  6. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! I, too, LOVE Rob Bell! Heard him live last year on Oprah’s tour. Thanks for the suggestion! xoxo

  7. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Ah, so sweet, Sarah! Hope you enjoy! xo

  8. Linda Sivertsen says:

    GREAT suggestions, Jenn! I ALWAYS recommend The War of Art and The Artist’s Way, so I’m right there with you. And, SARK is a friend. Okay. Wish we did a podcast a week instead of one per month… maybe some day:) xx

  9. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Oh, I love Rochelle, too, Betsy! I had no idea she’d raised that kind of money. I bet a lot of people would want to know about that. Thanks for the suggestion! xx

  10. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Right, Deb?! Mary Karr is simply one of my favorite writers of all time. I’m in AWE of her brain. How someone can be so smart and funny and down to earth all at the same time feels magical to me. I’m on it! xx

  11. joey hoffman says:

    Ann Lamott! Pretty Pleeease! ❤️

  12. Stacey Hylen says:

    I am SO excited for these!!! My drives will be SO much better!! I will second Steven Pressfield in addition to the War of Art, his fiction is AMAZING, The Afghan Campaign is one of my favorite books ever!!

    Also, Lewis Howes since he is promoting his new book and he and Danielle had a really cool energy when he interviewed her. It is time to turn the tables!!

    Jack Canfield too.

    Can’t wait to listen!!!

    PS: The beautiful writers group is a must do for any aspiring writers out there. It is so cool to be on the inside and hear Linda and Danielle’s process and get your questions answered on the call. It is a positive community to get your writing goals accomplished!!!

  13. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Oh… YES! ON the list!!! xo

  14. Linda Sivertsen says:

    Love this, Stacey! THANK YOU!!! XO

  15. Val Sussman says:

    austin Kleon– “show your work!” And “steal like an artist”.

    Love everyone’s suggestions– so little time, so many wonderful books…

  16. Linda Sivertsen says:

    So good. And, so true! Ugh!!!! :)

  17. Lynda Filler says:

    Hi Linda!!
    Congrats! What great ideas you have!
    What do you think of Jodi Picoult? It would be amazing to listen to her process. Love her work.

  18. Linda Sivertsen says:

    oh… love her too! GREAT suggestion:) xx

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